I CAN’T LEAVE HIM. I’m over 40!


Last night a friend of mine called me on the phone to ‘talk’. At hello, I knew there was a problem because she is one that her calls would usually come with excitement. But this time, she spoke in a low tone, her voice was shaky. I asked what the problem was, at first she hesitated, and then said…”we had another fight”. Honestly, I wasn’t surprised as it had become a regular activity in her home.
My friend is beautiful, she’s a professional. Her husband is an intelligent man and works in a respectable organization. Unfortunately, it seems ones level of education has nothing to do with being abusive. I have been tempted a couple of times to say to my friend… Pack your stuff and leave the a**h**e! But then I remember, my home is not any different. I suffer some form of abuse as well. I realized that we are both scared to leave because we are over 40!

After our conversation, I couldn’t sleep, I watched my husband sleep and listened to his loud snore. He has always said to me.. If I leave you, you will suffer. And then I remembered a write up by Andy Rooney on women over 40. I wonder if any man would want a divorced woman over 40?

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I have a bunch of stuff that have bothered me for years and some that still bothers me. I want to talk about them to people who wouldn’t judge me like my friends and family would. I want to talk about marriage, friends, sex , abuses,relationships, secret thoughts, ideas, inspiration….I want to talk about everything! And guess what…. I know a lot of people want to talk too.
Lets be friends. I’m fed up of Facebook friends who know me, see my pictures and are always playing the ‘holier than thou’ role. I want open minded friends who would share their experiences and advice accordingly. Be my friend, lets talk. Start with Dear Mase….


How to save my marriage

I found this article interesting, i know alot of women can relate to these thoughts.

Vows are easily broken, Vows are NOT easily broken


In the midst of broken marriages there is an awakening.  

I had one.

It can be the death of your marriage, you or your spouse, and whatever way it goes no matter what nothing will be the same again.

It came down to this.

I had a choice to make. Do I want to save my marriage?

That answer did not come so easy.

I mean yes I did, yet I didn’t really know how!

My husband & I were a mess.

How could I do this alone? It isn’t possible! Is it?

Is there someone who has walked this road who can help me?

Those in my world stayed clear of our disaster.

In the midst of my brokenness I couldn’t see clearly.

My husband dazed and confused as well, he wasn’t the one to answer that question either.

I had to first answer for myself.

Did I mention we were a…

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Many of us, men and women alike, go through various kinds of abuse and not know it. Abuses come in various forms. it could be Physical, Emotional, Economic, or Sexual. Knowing that you are being abused is the first step towards curbing the violent act.

Physical abuse includes circumstances where there is application of physical force. it may be in forms of grabbing, slapping, choking, shoving, biting, stabbing, the list goes on, or hitting with objects such as shoes, belts, whip or any other object. Most people, especially women, view physical abuse and the worst form of abuse. This is not true. Most women who suffer physical abuse have often times passed through other kinds of abuses.

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