How to save my marriage

I found this article interesting, i know alot of women can relate to these thoughts.

Vows are easily broken, Vows are NOT easily broken


In the midst of broken marriages there is an awakening.  

I had one.

It can be the death of your marriage, you or your spouse, and whatever way it goes no matter what nothing will be the same again.

It came down to this.

I had a choice to make. Do I want to save my marriage?

That answer did not come so easy.

I mean yes I did, yet I didn’t really know how!

My husband & I were a mess.

How could I do this alone? It isn’t possible! Is it?

Is there someone who has walked this road who can help me?

Those in my world stayed clear of our disaster.

In the midst of my brokenness I couldn’t see clearly.

My husband dazed and confused as well, he wasn’t the one to answer that question either.

I had to first answer for myself.

Did I mention we were a…

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